We’re creating black wealth!

Join the fun.


Be in the present and choose to become a volunteer or an intern. We value your skills and want you to get the most out of your experience.


Donate your skills in digital marketing, photo, video and more to move our mission forward.


Gain work experience and college credit as a marketing, partnerships, or business operations intern.


Check which program works best for you and get involved. Be a mentor, speaker, or campus manager, and help build the community!


A team of student
entrepreneurs for a semester
(8 hours total)


Share your expertise and lead students through one of our training sessions (2 hours total)

Campus Manager

Build a community of gritty entrepreneurs at your school or organization (4 hours per week)


Develop meaningful relationships with our partners and show them the value of working with us. Connect to a network of talented students or donate and give the best opportunity for our students to succeed.


Connect with talented students of color while supporting their professional and financial development.


Give a student the opportunity to take his or her first step towards financial freedom and legacy building.

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