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The Program

Groundwork is a six week in person training designed to give you a foundation for building wealth.  Selected participants meet three times a week, five hours per session receiving coaching and mentorship in the areas of personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship.  All training is led by Student Dream’s team of entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

We focus on execution.  Building wealth requires you to adopt and apply principles on a daily basis that affect you in the long term.  We want you to be excited about the opportunity to transform your life now but also the life of your children’s children.  That’s the community change that Student Dream lives for and we want you to experience that.  During Groundwork you will earn, give, save, budget, invest, and start a business.  

What does wealth and legacy look like to you?  What’s your plan to get there?  Groundwork gives you the coaching and mentorship needed to build and execute a wealth plan. Why not you? Apply Now.

Your Mentors


Rodney Williams


Nichelle McCall

Bold Guidance, Founder

Jeremy Shure

Silicon Valley Bank

Marleen Vogelaar

Shapeways, Founder

Eric Shashou

Zive, Founder

Shaun Johnson

Startup Institute, Co-founder

Lenore Beirne

Bright Coaching

Derick Horner


The team committed to your success

Chaneal Conway

Head of Operations

Nena Ugwuomo

Founder, President, CEO

Student Dream Alumni


 $199/student (includes 90 hours of training, wealth workbook, mentor sessions, daily lunch,  and field trips). Payment plans are available. Scholarships available for students with a demonstrated financial need. 

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