Entrepreneurship Changes The World

I’ve had many *AHA!* moments in my 26 years of life:

  • Aha #1 – There is such a thing as good pain

  • Aha #2 – Pride BLINDS you from great people and opportunities

  • Aha #3 – Monthly pedicures are crucial? —?my nail tech gets the dead skin off my heals better than I ever could #smooth

While these moments beautified both my character and feet, it’s been my submersion in the world of entrepreneurship that has COMPLETELY BLOWN. MY. MIND. I’ve discovered my life’s work: close the wealth gap and create lasting economic prosperity in communities of color through entrepreneurship.

Everything we use on a daily basis is the product of imagination and entrepreneurship:

  1. Your apartment* (or home)

  2. Bodywash

  3. Clothes

  4. Food

  5. The social media account and piece of hardware you’re using to read this

  6. The IG page that hosts @THESTUDENTDREAM

  7. The list goes on…

As items 1–6 satisfy our needs, founders, employees and communities receive heartfelt thank yous in the form of equity, new jobs and bolstered economies. No matter what critics say startups like Uber, AirBnB and General Assembly are great examples of opening economic doors with the entrepreneurship key. Founders, employees and cities walk through and experience the economic gains on the other side.

THIS IS BIG : Entrepreneurship provides life’s basic necessity of income and there are 7.5 BILLION people in the world who need it. Whether it’s 50 or 500,000 bucks folks “gotta eat” and entrepreneurship serves up a mouthwatering meal.

So for those who share my disdain of wealth gaps and financial hardship… LET’S TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO START SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES!

Yes it’s enormously risky, painful, unpredictable and bipolar, HOWEVER the rewards of transforming a dream into a profitable company are far reaching. The ripple effect flows on to create impact for founders, customers, communities and generations that’s not only tangible but also LASTING. And that’s what we need.

Take the key. Unlock the door. Create a beautiful future.