Student Dream is a generational solution to closing the racial wealth gap in the United States of America.

Phase One:

Learn about customers, competitors and industry by analyzing data to understand which products and services are in demand, and how to be competitive.

Phase Two:

Use Student Dream's resources and connect with industry leaders to develop systematic methods for guiding your product to market.

Phase Three:
Train. Mentor. Coach.

Groundwork is an online startup training program designed to give you a foundation for startup success. Selected participants spend a semester getting trained, mentored, and coached on how to build a profitable money making business (not a hobby).


LEVELUP is for early stage founders ready to sell more product and finance their business. Learn sales, marketing, and fundraising strategies to become a profitable businesses.

Community Events

Leverage sales and marketing strategies to deliver new products to a global market while maintaining customer/supplier relationships.


What can Student Dream do for your business?

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