Helping students win with money.

Training to financially thrive – before and after graduation.

most students struggle with money

We create courses that help them reach their money goals, financially relax, and get to their first dollarof wealth.


Learn How To Graduate Debt-Free, Get Good Jobs, Invest, And Fund Your Dreams.


Learn How To Graduate Debt-Free, Get Good Jobs, Invest, And Fund Your Dreams.


Join a Community Of Black and brown Investors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and peers committed to your holistic success.

Direct Access to a Life Changing Wealth of Knowledge

At STUDENT DREAM, we are dedicated to helping young people of color build wealth and achieve their dreams. 

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Welcome to Student Dream! We believe that wealth acquisition is the key to creating positive change in our world, especially for the black community. That’s why we’re here to help you manage and grow your finances, helping you reach your goals.   By becoming a student investor you will embark on a transformative journey towards achieving financial independence via ongoing coaching and a holistic commitment to personal growth.

At Student Dream, we provide you with a comprehensive set of opportunities and resources in the areas of personal finance, investment, business ownership, music industry, and business licensing. As a student investor, you will receive continuous coaching and support tailored to your specific goals, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed financial decisions.

Perks of Being a Student Investor

Student Dream has the resources to help you develop your business and reach financial success. Check out our recent portfolio to see how we have helped clients create their own wealth and achieve their goals.

We provide ongoing coaching and support to help you achieve your financial and professional goals.

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We take a holistic approach to finance and career development, focusing not just on money, but also on social, spiritual, and financial well-being.

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We offer a range of resources and opportunities, including workshops, networking events, and access to industry experts.

Our current programs are designed with YOU in Mind!
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We make the process of working with us seamless and straightforward. Contact us and discover how to successfully build wealth through personal finance, investments, and startup programs.  


Being broke is exhausting.  Money is a part of every area of life, but most students struggle to make, save and grow it.  College Money is for students who want to be financially strong.  If you’re stressed, struggling to pay tuition, and tired of being broke, learn how to make more than enough money for school, graduate debt free, get good paying jobs and put your bank account above the red.  Broke and tired doesn’t have to be your normal.  Let’s raise the bar. 

Money Matters

Build your vision for money and life with the right knowledge. Each lesson is designed with your success in our mind!

Student Investors Club

Make enough money for college and life. From monthly LIVE training to group coaching, you'll be equipped with perfect confidence to meet your financial goals!

Music + Money

A profitable learning experience with hands-on personal finance, career, and music courses for youth ages 14-24!

Student Events

Check out our upcoming events and build a stronger plan. Your financial stability matters, Black wealth matters!


Youth learn how to create a profitable business. They build a minimum viable product or service and launch a marketing campaign to generate real sales. Our network of successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors teach key lessons on venture creation. Youth graduate with a pitch deck, minimum viable product, sales, and profits!

Wealth Matters

Youth learn stock market investing and create an investment plan. Youth graduate with a funded brokerage account. Participants experience an increase in their investing rate.

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STUDENT DREAM empowers young people of color to achieve financial stability and success through our finance, investing, and startup programs. 

We aim to connect with high-school and college students, especially those of African-American descent, who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and personal finance.

To learn more about our programs and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Within Student Dream, we coach students to reach their money, investing, and business goals. Our bench runs deep and we give students the skills to change their lives and share with others.

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