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Tired Of The Struggle Of Making Ends Meet? Fed Up With Barriers Holding You Back? We Hear You!

At Student Dream, we’re on a mission: to fuel YOUR journey to financial freedom. No more setbacks, no more limits. Your financial future is not defined by your current circumstances. It’s about seizing the opportunities to break free from the cycle of financial struggle and create lasting change in your life and community.

Get FREE access to our acclaimed Money Matters Bootcamp if you join Student Investors Club. It is designed to equip you with essential financial literacy skills.

Enjoy personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Coach Nena, our dedicated mentor who is committed to your success.

As a member of the Student Investors Club, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities:

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded students and professionals who share your ambition and drive.

Define and refine your personal financial goals with expert guidance tailored to your unique aspirations.

Get answers to your most pressing money questions and gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of personal finance.

Learn practical strategies to increase your income, eliminate debt, and secure lucrative internships and job opportunities.

Build wealth and create a lasting legacy that extends far beyond your own lifetime.

Access exclusive resources, including scholarships, fellowships, and study abroad opportunities, to support your educational journey.

Money Matters BOOTCAMP

No more financial stress, just abundant opportunities ahead!

A 6-week virtual course designed to empower young minds with essential financial skills, covering budgeting, investing, debt management, and financial planning. No complicated jargon or overwhelming graphs—just practical strategies to help you conquer the world without financial worries, tailored for black students facing unique challenges, with community support every step of the way.

Course Highlights:

Take charge of your financial destiny and pave your way to success.

Learn essential skills to boost income, crush debt, and seize top-notch opportunities.

Build a solid foundation in financial literacy for informed decision-making.

Access self-paced modules and bonus content tailored to your unique student concerns.

Turn financial aspirations into tangible goals and set the stage for a brighter future.

Your ultimate gateway to financial freedom.

Student Dream – How it All Started

After witnessing the transformative power of entrepreneurship firsthand, Nena realized something crucial: the immense potential of students of color, like herself, was often overlooked. Despite attending Howard University, she found a stark absence of resources and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs from marginalized communities. Fueled by a burning desire to bridge this gap and combat the racial wealth disparity, Nena founded Student Dream in 2014.

most students struggle with money

We create courses that help them reach their money goals, financially relax, and get to their first dollarof wealth.


Learn How To Graduate Debt-Free, Get Good Jobs, Invest, And Fund Your Dreams.


Learn How To Graduate Debt-Free, Get Good Jobs, Invest, And Fund Your Dreams.


Join a Community Of Black and brown Investors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and peers committed to your holistic success.

Direct Access to a Life Changing Wealth of Knowledge

At STUDENT DREAM, we are dedicated to helping young people of color build wealth and achieve their dreams. 

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STUDENT DREAM empowers young people of color to achieve financial stability and success through our finance, investing, and startup programs. 

We aim to connect with high-school and college students, especially those of African-American descent, who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and personal finance.

To learn more about our programs and services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Within Student Dream, we coach students to reach their money, investing, and business goals. Our bench runs deep and we give students the skills to change their lives and share with others.

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